International Relations: an introduction

International Relations defined as a branch of political science. It is about dealing and accepting the consequences of the relationship between nations. This term is used to identify all interactions between state-based, actors across, state, boundaries. The term can immediately be compared with, though is broader than, international politics. Indeed, it’s a sub-fields of international relations. The term of International Politics is used to identify those interactions between state, actors across state, boundaries that have a specific political content and character. It is consist of methods and tactics.

However, the decisions must to suitable with each nation’s foreign policy. Foreign Policy is the diplomatic policy of a nation in its interaction with the others. It is about the activity whereby state, actors act, react, and interact. In fact, there’s no nation which can survive by itself. That’s why the diplomacy is needed to do. It is the skill to make a deal with somebody else or to persuade people till we get what we hope to. Diplomacy can be described as the substance, aims and attitudes of a state’s relations with others, diplomacy is one of the instrument employed to put these into effect.

In spite of some books explained that international relation is a branch of political science, University of Airlangga Road Map claimed that the International Relations Study is not only focused on political and military problems, but also on all global actions, include of AIDS issue, terrorism, and even the circulation of drugs in the world.


Evan, Graham & Newnham, Jeffrey. 1998. Dictionary of International Relations. London: Penguin Books

University of Airlangga Road Map


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