As the world war II ends, it produces a large decolonization. A large decolonization is emerged as a call for a growing nationalism. Growing nationalism has its own importance to breed several new states embedded with opportunity grow as a powerful states. One of instances are Indonesia, liberated from Holland; Egypt liberated from France; Iran liberated from United Kingdom; India liberated from United Kingdom.

Nationalism was already inside decolonization. Sometime nationalism has been a tool to demonstrate a power as Japan did in the same year of cold war. Another value of nationalism was to deminish central power possesed by several great empires such as Great Britain, France, and Portugal. Nationalism has been a symbol for United States as well to emphasize its domination in a world after world war I.

As cold war initiates its bloc division between East-West, terminology emanated to define power competition between US-capitalist and USSR-communist. Looking forward to escaping between two blocs, India and Indonesia initiate a new bloc of neutral, which then so called non-alignment movement.

Non-alignment movement is first initiated through small and regional conference where discussion then established between new emerging nations such as India and Indonesia. Having a similar history background, together Indonesia and India encourages several countries with the same background reason to join their union in Bandung conference. The first time leaders of Indonesia and India invites media to record their agenda within Bandung conference. It is an agenda to establich non-alignment movement that suggests a neutral bloc to avoid falling into conflicts between US and USSR.

As Bandung conference has result for non-alignment movement with its members range from Indonesia-Soekarno, India-Jawaharlal Nehru, Egypt-Gamal Abdul Nasser, Yugoslavia-Joseph Bros Tito, and Sri Lanka; there are some contries remained pro-western that is iran, iraq, Saudan, and Libya. While on the opposite, another countries remained communists such as China and vietnam. Another neutral movement mainly coming from African countries join Bandung conference as a call of new power of independent countries.


About Renny Candradewi Puspitarini

Lecturer at Panca Marga University Faculty of Social Science and Political Science Department of Public Administration

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