About Author

Acting editor and author

  • Renny Candradewi P, S.Hub.Internas.

Graduated from Airlangga University, International relations Faculty, Surabaya Indonesia

Acting editor and author

  • Rizca Yurike P, S.IP

Graduated from Airlangga University, Political Science Faculty, Surabaya Indonesia

Currently enrolled in Master Degree of Social Politic Airlangga University, Surabaya Indonesia


Acting Manager

  • Farisda Puji L

Graduated from Indonesia University, Jakarta Indonesia



Contact us:

Whatsapp : 0888-05-742-842

email : renniefb@gmail.com | ir.simpleforum@gmail.com

office : Jalan Ambengan Batu No. 20, Surabaya, Indonesia

twitter : @JurnalPhobia

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JurnalPhobia



14 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Happy to find this blog!
    Just wanna say: keep blogging and writing!
    Make it as one of your competences.
    You’ll shocked later when ones make your blog as their references!!!
    don’t forget to visit my blog, yap!!!

  2. awesome..
    komplit.request boleh gak??t heheh..boleh yaaa.Tentang int’ political economy mengenai enGlish school n american school.

    overall its pretty friutfull references


  3. thanks uda memuat sejarah referendum timor leste.
    aku kutip dalam makalahku untuk tugas politik hukum.
    thanks yaaa

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